because of love, Shenzhen skilled car maniac spent 2 years, nearly 30 million building their own car – all electric supercar Titan. It is hard, but we must do it.

all electric supercar2

The Story of Supercar TITAN

CAMMUS not only focuses on R&D and sales of automotive electronics products, but also equipped with extensive knowledge about high performance electric powertrain, battery system and the R&D and professional production of the whole car, has original research in power modification, frame construction, chassis design and other aspects of super car.

CAMMUS can design and manufacture their own vehicles.

In 2014, Cammus started super-car project, now it has successfully created the first self-developed all electric supercar Titan in China, with excellent electronic powertrain, Titan performs much better, it needs only 3.9s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, the maximum speed is 260km/h, equipped with more than 6000 18650 lithium batteries, up to 400km mileage. In Feb, 2016, Cammus supercar Titan was successfully released in ShenZhen exhibition, which caused quite a sensation in China’s motor-dom.

Since Cammus all electric supercar appeared on AAITF(China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning (Guangzhou) Trade Fair ), its streamlined delicate appearance and the title of China’s first electric supercar have received frequent attention from the mass media and the car fans.

This attention, of course, includes affirmation and doubt, support and negation, among them there are also some bystanders.

There is no need to say about people who understand and support, for those who take a skeptical and negative attitude towards it, Cammus feels it necessary to show you the real power of the electric super car Titan.


Supercar Titan Performance

This super car is full of CAMMUS spirits and has a wonderful performance in the automotive field. The outlook design of Titan reflects performance-oriented values.

More Details About CAMMUS All Electric Supercar Titan:

Wheelbase: 2650-2670 mm
Single speed transmission with a max speed of 250km/h
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds. Mileage: 400 km
Charging: Fully charged in 7 hours with self-contained charger
Fully charged in 1.5 hours with high-voltage charging pile
72kWh, 18650 battery
Middle-engine Rear-drive
MR layout, two doors and two seats
Pure electric, dual motor, maximum power
400kw, 500hp, 1000Nm torque
Car body dimension: 4550x1950x1200mm
Titanium alloy frame, carbon fiber lightweight body

all electric supercar3

What we create is not only super car, it is more of a spirit!

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