Cammus, a high-tech innovation industry integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and high-end service of pure electric kart, children’s pure electric supercar, each product is made by the top team, adopting the core mystery of the leading three-electric technology of supercar—TITAN, which is a big success in China’s electric car market.

Auto Tuning Accessories

Since founded in 2008, Cammus has been focusing on the R&D of automotive electronics and promotion, particularly in automotive performance and power modification, including electronic throttle controller, racing gauge and so on. Cammus adheres to the concept of science humanization, with world-leading technology, taking our effort to do the refitting parts.

Cammus Product Categories

Go Kart Timing System

Timing Lap/Cash/Register System

Easy Install

Accurate Data

More Details

The explosion-proof outdoor omnidirectional base station integrates a 2.4G high-performance communication module inside, and is equipped with a 125k panel antennaexternally. It uses the principle of RFID radio frequency communication (alternating magnetic field or electromagnetic field) to generate electromagnetic waves to achieve         non-contact infor mation transmission.


60mm/52mm Racing Gauge

Touch to Change Color

Multiple Gauges Linkage

OBD/Sensor reading

More Details

Optional Size: 60mm/52mm racing gauges, include single-function racing gauge, dual-function racing gauge and multi-function racing gauges. The most advanced feature of the cammus gauge is that they can be connected with OBD and sensor both. And we add some fantastic function in the gauge which makes the color changes when you touch the ring. That’s really a cool feature to the gauges.

CAMMUS Racing Simulator

15NM direct motor base

Multifunction steer wheel

Adjustable pedals and cockpit

More Details

CAMMUS Racing Simualtor with 15NM direct motor base, the quick installation system of multifunction steering wheel, restoring the real racing foot feeling pedal, adjustable cockpit, chair, screen stand,, bring an unparalleled real experience to you.

Supercar Titan

Handmade All-electric Supercar

Maximum Speed: 260km/h

Millage: 400km

More Details

In 2014, Cammus made a supercar called TITAN, which is totally hand-made. It’s with excellent powertrain and perform better than expectation. It takes only 3.9s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. And the maximum speed reach 260km/h. With the 6000pcs parallel connection 18650 lithium battery, the millage is up to 400km. That’s a big success in China’s electric car market.

Electric Go-kart

4KW Motor

Double Disc Brake, Differential

Top speed: 75km/h

More Details

A heritage of supercar lineage of TITAN, equipped with the core mystery of the three-electric technology, CAMMUS Kart stirs up a storm of pure electric, enable you to experience the real cool popkart. Racing, electric, linear, manipulation, challenge, comprehensive driving experience let you reach your entertainment climax every second. As for our performance kart, the maximum speed is up to 75km/h, giving you a strong back push feeling. With the differential, your car can be driven flexible with less resistance.

CAMMUS Racing Simulator 15NM Base

feedback is more direct and quicker, closer to the real racing experience. Multifunction steering wheel, the quick installation system of the steering wheel is compatible with the steering wheel of real racing car.

Our vision

Cammus provides innovative products, professional services for the customers all over the world with excellent technology, top quality. The aim is to provide a full range of high-quality automobile speed-up products, comprehensive and effective technical support and professional automotive service network for customers, sincerely hope to establish cooperation with friends from all circles, create brilliant future together!

Where can I buy Cammus products?
You can go to our online store https://shop.windbooster.com/ to place an order directly.
What is the relationship between brand CAMMUS and WINDBOOSTER?
WINDBOOSTER is the sub-brand of CAMMUS, the main product of WINDBOOSTER is throttle controller. Windbooster website: https://www.windbooster.com/
What is the use of throttle controller
1. Shortens the response time of the electronic throttle (quicker overtaking , better uphill start , better downshift response)

2. Improves the electronic throttle’s sensitivity (don’t take our words,try it to believe it)

3. Plug and play without external power supply (absolutely no cutting of wire & does not use OBDII socket )

4. Total of 4 user selectable mode & grand total of 30 adjustable levels (10 levels racing adjustment for manual & auto, 10 levels sports+ level for manual & auto, 10 levels sport level & 1 stock mode)

5. Suitable for both manual & automatic transmission

6. Most of all, start having fun again with your car !

Note: Levels 0-9 user selectable adjustment , 0 = less sensitive, 9 = very sensitive

Do you need cammus?

Aftermarket auto-tuning accessories may not be suitable for everyone but ask yourself if you ever experienced such situations.

♦ The car does not seem to want to accelerator even when you “floor it”.

♦ Going uphill requires extra effort as you need to wait for the gear to downshift.

♦ Your car feels sluggish when you overtaking.

♦ You want to bring more fun back to your driving.

If you answer “yes” to any of the above. YES, you need Cammus.

Cammus is a simple device that is most effective in low to mid-rpm range. And this is how the average car is being driven in today’s stop-start traffic.

Can a car with a "sports" mode setting use cammus?
Yes, regardless of any “sports” mode or any modifications you may have done to your car (exhaust, ECU tuning, performance chip etc.), cammus will work independently. In short, if you do not have a “sports” mode nor did any modification, cammus will unleash the “true” potential of your car. Think of it as having a “sports” button for cars without one. If you did modifications, cammus will further enhance your car’s performance.
Will use cammus affect the fuel consumption?
Cammus throttle controller itself do not increase fuel consumption and very much dependent on the driving style.
Excellent product. Just what I expected. The seller very attentive. He answered all the questions. He was on the lookout at all times from the sale to the transport process in the shipment. Highly recommended by the seller.
Jone Doe

Product is very good and performs as advertised. P3 mode is very fast like a race car though I am driving an SUV. Very good seller/staff as well. Will order again in the future. Thanks.
David Smith

Very good quality and great customer service will keep doing business with you guys
Janet Chavez

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