Electric Supercar

With cool outlook, the CAMMUS electric supercar is a pure electric super car , the first handmade one in China. Our company started to produce this car in 2014 and it took us three and half a year to finish it from the time when we prepared to manufacture it. This car has more than 10 thousands spare parts made by ourselves and all handmade. These spare parts includes the outlook, Chassis,suspension and other parts except motor.It has a dual-motor, which is back-driven. This super car has Ultimate control.The body-frame of this car is made from Titanium.



Battery set



Dual motor
500 horsepower


Main Body-frame: Titanium
Car body: carbon fiber

Unique Features


MR layout


Dual motor


Single transmission


Titanium alloy frame


Middle-engine Race wheel drive

Electric Supercar Detailed Specs

electric supercar 2

The outlook design of Titan reflects performance-oriented values. Titan has excellent performance. It only takes 3.9s for 100km acceleration. Titan is equipped with more than 18,650 lithium batteries and its mileage has been up to 400km!

electric supercar3

Titan is equipped with Carbon fiber steering wheel, 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, and grey suede and leather interior!

 electric supercar5

TITAN’s power distribution is a rear-wheel active distribution system , consisting of two motors, a motor controller and a dual integrated gearbox unit. The motor operates in a closed water cooling system which independently drives its relative gear set. The gearboxes are individually oil-cooled . And the innovative housing design allows two separate reduction gears to be accommodated with only two caps.

electric supercar4

A 70 kWh battery pack can continuously supply and receive more than 50 kW of power. The liquid cooling system, battery thermal management system, redundant safety layer and protection system provide TITAN with the conditions to adapt to the track.

electric supercar6

Output power: 500 hp Torque: 1000 Nm (0-6500 rpm)

0-100m/h Acceleration: 3.9S Mileage Range: 400km

Braking distance: 31.5m (100km/h-0) Transverse load: 1.2G Efficacy: 140 -550Wh/km

10kW car charging weight distribution: front 42%, back 58%

electric supercar7

Streamlined design with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and two large nostrils on the front grille make the Titan even more spectacular!

Cammus Electric Supercar Titan

Pure electric

Dual Integrated Transmission

Two doors. Two seats

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Wheelbase: 2650mm

Single transmission,Max speed 250km/h
Acceleration:0-100 m/h, 3-4s
Charging: It takes 7 hours to charged by self-contained charger
It takes 1.5 hours to be charged by high-voltage charging pile

72kwh,18650 battery

  • Middle-engine rear-drive
  • MR layout, two doors and two seats
  • pure electric, dual motors, the maximum power
  • Titanium allay frame, carbon fiber lightweight car body.
  • 400Kw,500hp,1000Nm torque
  • 4550•1950•1200mm of car body dimension

Our Story

In 2014, Cammus started super-car project, now it has successfully created the first self-developed electric super car TITAN in China, with excellent electronic powertrain,Titan performs much better. In Feb, 2016, Cammus electric supercar Titan was successfully released in ShenZhen exhibition, which caused quite a sensation in China’s motor-dom.

More Than 10 Years Experience

Shenzhen CAMMUS Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd was founded in 2008, focuses on the R&D of automotive frontier technology, equipped with extensive knowledge about high performance electric powertrain, battery system and the R&D and professional production of the whole car, has original research in power modification, frame construction, chassis design and other aspects of super car.

We can design and manufacture our own cars.

CAMMUS started the super-car project in 2014, and successfully released it in 2016. This super car is full of CAMMUS spirits and has a wonderful performance in the automotive field. Titan needs only 3.9s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, the maximum speed is 260km/h, equipped with more than 6000 18650 lithium batteries, up to 400km mileage.

Every boy has a dream of owning super car. I love racing and speed. It is an honor to be a team member of Titan project. We will take great efforts to produce a high performance super car with strong torque and pull, and also excellent control performance. I have confidence. We can make it.

Engineer Xiang

Cammus super car is the first pure electric super car which is made in China. It has outstanding outlook. And it is purely handmade super car. It is really cool.

Gansu Satellite TV

Titan is a car full of Perseverance and passion. Although its quality felling is not so good as a foreign super car. But its Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber shell and titanium material is rather Luxurious.It is strong, but it also has a light body.

National Assessment