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「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive


Upload Date:2023/1/31

i-Round LCD Gauge

User’s Manual for Cammus i-Round LCD Racing Gauge

Gesture Controller

User’s Manual for Cammus Gesture Controller


User’s Manual for CAMMUS DDWB 2021 Base 

60mm Racing Gauge

User’s Manual for Cammus 60mm Racing Gauge

CAMMUS SRP 2021 Pedals

User’s Manual for CAMMUS SRP 2021 Pedals

Sim Racing Firmware Update

CAMMUS SWH 2021 Steering wheel

User’s Manual for CAMMUS SWH 2021Steering wheel

「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive 1.3.15

Update log 1. Modified version update reminder 2. Fixed an issue where words were displayed incorrectly

「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive 1.3.11

Update log 1. Fixed the "character display error" issue

「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive 1.3.10

Update log 1. Hide the login part 2. Fix the display of error success message during firmware update process 3. Modify the wrong display characters of the update page Download...

「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive 1.3.9

Update log 1. Fixed the memory leak caused by the unanswered dfu command in the firmware update. 2. Updated the PC update reminder for the new version

「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive 1.2.21 Upgrade

Update log 1. Optimize the process of stopping the webSocket communication during the firmware update process, letting go of the main thread, resulting in an error Download...

「CAMMUS」Racing Simulator Drive 1.2.20 Upgrade

Update log 1. Update the picture 2. Added 6 buttons to set the rotation angle of the steering wheel 3. Fixed several bugs