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Supercar Titan

Handmade All-electric Supercar

Maximum Speed: 260km/h

Millage: 400km

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In 2014, Cammus made a supercar called TITAN, which is totally hand-made. It’s with excellent powertrain and perform better than expectation. It takes only 3.9s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. And the maximum speed reach 260km/h. With the 6000pcs parallel connection 18650 lithium battery, the millage is up to 400km. That’s a big success in China’s electric car market.
Electric Go-kart

4KW Motor

Double Disc Brake, Differential

Top speed: 75km/h

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A heritage of supercar lineage of TITAN, equipped with the core mystery of the three-electric technology, CAMMUS Kart stirs up a storm of pure electric, enable you to experience the real cool popkart. Racing, electric, linear, manipulation, challenge, comprehensive driving experience let you reach your entertainment climax every second. As for our performance kart, the maximum speed is up to 75km/h, giving you a strong back push feeling. With the differential, your car can be driven flexible with less resistance.
CAMMUS Racing Simulator

15NM direct motor base

Multifunction steer wheel

Adjustable pedals and cockpit

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CAMMUS Racing Simualtor with 15NM direct motor base, the quick installation system of multifunction steering wheel, restoring the real racing foot feeling pedal, adjustable cockpit, chair, screen stand,, bring an unparalleled real experience to you.

i-Round LCD Gauge

13 Parameters

Round LCD Screen

OBD/Sensor Reading

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The LCD Racing Gauge Reads 13 Driving Parameters including RPM, water temperature, turbo, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, battery voltage, G value, TPS, speed, intake pressure. And it can be connected with both OBD and sensor simultaneously.

First of all, when you touch the gauge, you will fall in love with it because of the material: all-aluminum body with metal texture, ultra-thin LCD screen.

In the system interface, you can see the inverted Function which means that you can install the windshield. It’s very convenient. Cammus LCD racing gauge also supports multi-gauge in series, and can also be installed in series with Windbooster pointer racing gauge(Recommended to connect no more than 5 in series, specific connecting wire is required for mixed connection in series).

You can choose the pointer color as your preference. There are 7 different colors available. And there are 4 kinds of interface you can switch.

As cammus all gauges go, the LCD support MAX, MIN value adjustment, when the driving parameters exceed the set MAX, MIN, the indicator light flashes and the buzzer issues an alarming signal.

60mm/52mm Racing Gauge

Touch to Change Color

Multiple Gauges Linkage

OBD/Sensor reading

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CAMMUS 60mm racing gauges include single-function racing gauge, dual-function racing gauge and multi-function racing gauges. The most advanced feature of the cammus gauge is that they can be connected with OBD and sensor both. And we add some fantastic function in the gauge which makes the color changes when you touch the ring. That’s really a cool feature to the gauges.
Gesture Controller

Switch Mode With Hand Waving

Improve Throttle Response

Easy Plug&play

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Gesture controller has 5 Acceleration Modes such as Normal, Econ, Sport, Race, i-Auto, and Each mode(Econ, Sport, Race) comes with a 0-9 program so the driver can choose the appropriate throttle response speed that he likes most. You can easily switch modes with your hand waving. For instance, if you want to make your car smarter, waving your hand to i-auto. Your car will adjust according to your driving habit. With the ultra-thin screen and OLED light, you can see clearly in any condition
Moreover, the device is Plug & play (absolutely no cutting of wire & does not use OBDII socket ), less than 5 minutes installing.