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Single-function Race Car Gauges

Cammus single-function race car gauges are electronic gauges which have high response and refined design. It is produced to monitor the data of a car engine. CAMMUS single-function race car gauges can display one driving parameter on one gauge. It provides turbo pressure, intake pressure, oil pressure, battery voltage, speed, exhaust temperature, water temperature, oil temperature, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, speed and other racing meters. They can be connected in series to add more fun and color to your car.

Race Car Gauges Feature


Easy plug and play.


Touch to change color.


Connect by OBD2/Sensor


7 aluminum ring color.


Multiple gauges linkage

Highlighted Features

OBD/Sensor Reading

Support OBD and sensor reading, OBD and sensor gauge can be connected in series.

Color Switching

Touch to change Color, touch-sensitive, light color switching easily(a total of 17 colors switching)

Monitoring Alarm Function

Support MAX, MIN value adjustment, and beep alarm when it exceeds the set MAX, MIN.

Multiple-gauge Linkage

Multiple-gauge linkage can display different data simultaneously, fully control your car.

High Accuracy

High-sensitive sensor, sensitive reading, capture subtle changes

Remote control

You can use a remote controller to set up the alarming value and change the backlight color.

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Product Size and Installation