Freequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Cammus products?

You can buy directly on our online store, or you can also send inquiry to us.

Which mode of Cammus gesture controller is better?

This depends on individual preference, sport mode will bring obvious speed response, suitable for riders who pursue speed; while there isn’t obvious speed response for original car mode, but it can still eliminate throttle lag.

Is the Cammus acceleration effect obvious?

Very obvious. According to our statistics, 90% users have already been very satisfied with the effect of Cammus gesture controller in half acceleration state.

Can gesture controller work on diesel engine?

Yes, gesture controller can fit both diesel and gasoline engine.

What kind of vehicles can Cammus gesture controller be installed in?

Cammus gesture controller is a kind of intelligent modified parts used to solve the electronic throttle lag, suitable for vehicles with electronic throttle.

How much fuel can Cammus gesture controller save in Econ mode?

About 5%~10% based on the driving habits.

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