In Shenzhen Guanlan electric go kart venue, Cammus team interviewed a high school go kart racer about his story of kart racing. Below are some questions we asked and he answered:

Please introduce yourself and how you got in touch with karts? How long has it been?

My name is Chen Yueheng. I’m from Dongguan. I started kart racing at the age of nine. It has been about six years, actually I didn’t know about it at the age of nine. It was my dad who inquired about it and asked us to have a try, at first my dad brought me in, but I didn’t like it, gradually there were friends, and I liked to play with friends, now I like driving.

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Will there be places and competitions you especially would like to go to?

Yes, I would like to go to Europe, because the European racing culture is much better than ours. I really want to participate in European competitions, there is a Le Mans World Championship, many people will go to that competition.

What is your parents’ attitude towards your participation in kart racing? How about yourself?

My mom didn’t support me. She was afraid of what happened to me because mom was like this, and she thought that would waste a lot of my time on it. My dad hoped that I would race well in the national competition. For myself, I hope that I can do well in every competition.

Have you won any awards?

I won two championships in CKC( China Championship Karting)

Did you take part in any competition this year?

I participated in CKC this year, this year I was transferred to the senior group, last year I was in the teenager group.

Which part is easier to be hurt while driving karts? Have you ever met before? How to avoid it?

Some people drive recklessly, which will cause a collision. and then there was a car crash in Zhuzhou last year, but finally, I won the championship. If turned over, the neck is extremely easy to get injured, and the arm, that is the arm is easy to be fractured, In fact, the safety is still very high. As long as you don’t drive too aggressively, generally speaking, it will not hurt.

Would you ever be afraid?

Actually you will not feel afraid while racing, but sometimes you will be afraid as an audience, as you will see the crash and turn over.

To participate in F1 events, which events are necessary for promotion?

The lowest level is F4, and then the higher level is Renault, and then F3, then F2.

Which is your favorite competition? why?

The formula, I personally prefer Formula, I think Formula will be more difficult, which will give you more racing feel, and it requires a higher technical level.

Why so difficult, you still want to participate, is there any difficulty?

I definitely want to try more advanced cars, because those cars will be a bit more challenging, that is, he will spend a lot of money, for example, if you want to drive a formula, you may have to pay about 100,000 yuan a race, If you accidentally crash or something, the cost of your game will be even higher

Is there any difference between RMCC and CKC? What frame do you use?

RMCC uses ROTAX machines, which is different from our I AME X30. Our I AME X30 will be used a little more and will be more widely used.

Frame CRG, his frame will be a little softer overall, that is, there is a kind of OTK, OTK, TONY KART and KOSMIC, and then their frame will be a bit harder

What do you think is the hardest part of driving karts and formulas?

For karts, it ‘s hard to overtake. For formulas, it ’s hard to brake. He has to brake very hard, because he will reach a very high speed, and then you have to slow the car over a short distance.

Anything to prepare before the game?

The machine needs to be tested before the race, as every racing track is different, maybe this track has more curves, another track has more straight, so the machines should be equipped with a different setting

Who is your favorite go kart racer and why do you like him so much?

Charles LeClaire, he knows how to overtake, and he defends very well, good at hitting the edge ball, and to force the competitor, you have to obey the rule, but you still need to overtake.

You started racing from at such an early age, and often participate in the competition, do you feel that you are different from others?

When I am driving the kart, then I am a go kart racer, but if I back to the class, I am just an ordinary student, nothing different, I also need to eat, sleep, right?

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