For fulfilling customers’ demand, Cammus decided to make some different innovative features for the round lcd gauge, change the remote control to app control.

Cammus is a cutting edge technologically innovative company founded in 2008, which dedicates to industrial integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales of automotive accessories. “Humanization of technology” For the purpose of implementing this policy, day by day Cammus is launching better and better products in the market and introducing products to the customers.  Since the first Cammus product released in the market with different functions of gauge and the throttle Controller, now Cammus has already launched the very innovative Electric go-kart and Electric supercar. There are different versions of go-karts.

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About half year ago Cammus launched The i-Round LCD Gauge, that is the first Round LCD Racing Gauge in the world, it can read 13 driving parameters with 7 optional colors of pointer, 13 different driving parameters are RPM, water temperature, turbo, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, battery voltage, G value, TPS, speed, intake pressure, support plug n play OBD and sensor reading, support multiple gauges linkage, equipped with inverted function and folding function, it has an amazing monitoring alarm function that supports maximum and minimum value adjustments like when the driving parameters exceed the set maximum and minimum value then the indicator light flashes and the buzzer issues will alarm signal. it was controlled by remote control which was pretty cool.

With so many innovative features and unique appearance, the lcd gauge is very popular in the market, the customer can see what’s really going on in their engine and get precise info on the condition of the engine, it is very great for preventative maintenance, the capability of monitoring what’s going on inside a hot rod or race car is pretty important. Everything could be checked via LCD display

Recently, for fulfilling customers’ demand, Cammus decided to make some different innovative features, which is better than the remote control version. Cammus thought about the mobile app. Nowadays every person uses the mobile phone and uses so many apps on their phone to make their life easier and more comfortable, so why doesn’t Cammus also join in the apps world? For the purpose of implementing this thinking and of course, for fulfilling customers’ demand, Cammus is about to launch LCD Gauge with Powerful App Control Features.

The mobile apps version is very latest and easy to use for controlling. Users can operate and set the lcd gauge easily in the app, and it further allows users to stay away from danger. The app interface design is very innovative. Customer can easily download the lcd gauge app from the App Store by searching Cammus LCD. Below are some app interface pictures:

There are a lot of functions in this device, and the value of the product exceeds its price.

Learn more about the round lcd meter here.

You can get the app lcd round gauge in their online store.