CAMMUS Electric Kart R&D Background

Cammus electric kart project was established around March 2016, at that time, it was because Cammus electric supercar was just exposed in society, and the Cammus team is also passionate about doing such a thing.

As for why kart, since the karts were basically fuel karts in the domestic market throughout that period. Fuel karts are especially noisy, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of fuel kart. So the venue is basically selected in some remote places, indoor venues usually do not allow this relatively large noise.

Another reason is that if people import electric karts from abroad, the price of imported karts is relatively expensive, which causes a high operating cost.

So it is a very large and wide market, Cammus team wanted to seize this market, and just wants to do it well.

electric kart2

CAMMUS First Generation Electric Go-kart
 Road Test In Shenzhen Dengliang Metro Station

CAMMUS Electric Kart Updates

The electric go-kart has upgraded to the fifth generation from the development up to now, this evolution is mainly based on the user’s response. Mainly improve and upgrade from the safety and performance driving pleasure. The performance requirement is strict to the go-kart, so Cammus team changed a lot for the three electric systems (motor, battery and motor controller)during the upgrade, constantly remodeling, and gradually tend to a perfect and mature product.

The Appearance of the First Generation Electric Go-kart

first generation electric kart

The Appearance of the Second – Fourth Generation Electric Go-kart

fourth generation electric kart

The Appearance of the Fifth Generation Electric Go-kart

fifth generation electric kart

CAMMUS Electric Go Kart Categories

Cammus provides a total of four different go-kart types, respectively are two kinds of adult kart, one two-seater Kart, one junior kart.

Two adult karts, one is the hard shaft version, another is the differential version, also called sport version and performance version electric go-kart.

Performance Version Electric Go Kart

performance version electric go kart

There is a big advantage for differential version go-kart, namely performance version electric go-kart, equipped with differential, differential side gear drive, flexible and efficient turning performance, easy and fast cornering, which will be a good driving experience for some kids or girls.

Sport Version Electric Go Kart

sport version electric go kart

Strong sense of pushing back, make you feel full of power, every moment you will experience the performance change of the kart with the power curve, with 40mm hollow single hard shaft, you will enjoy drifting passion and fun.

Two Seater Electric Go Kart

two seater electric kart

The two-seat kart combines family, friendship, and love, efficient single disc brake, daytime warning light, which has effectively promoted parent-child interaction, technical teaching,  emotional communication, team building and more.

Junior Electric Go Kart

junior electric go kart

Cool appearance, especially uses light-weight and high strength HDPE crash barrier, ultra-light steering feeling makes it easy for children to turn, steering wheel and seat can be adjusted freely, suitable for kids between 6-14 years old.

CAMMUS Electric Go Kart Design Feature and Advantages


Electric Go Kart vs Fuel Kart

The Cammus pure electric go kart will overcome the problem of big noise on fuel kart. The electric kart noise is relatively small, which is totally allowed to be operated in the downtown area. For this kind of entertainment project, it must be in a crowded place to make money, which is a good choice for the kart venue.

Electric Go Kart Configuration

The Cammus kart uses a high-profile motor, better stability controller, high-capacity battery and solid frame, good collision avoidance system, Which are the advantages of Cammus kart.

The shape of the kart is basically a collision-avoidance system outside. The design of the short body is because of the site limitation, the big track is not allowed on the racing track, the length-to-width ratio is more in line with small tracks or more curved tracks, more suitable for turning.

The current performance version electric go-kart is equipped with a 4kw, 72v motor, the acceleration performance is very good. Such a high configuration will give the driver a strong sense of pushing back.

The motor is optional, It can be changed according to customer needs, but currently 4kw is standard equipped.

Remote Control

Cammus electric go-kart is equipped with remote control, and people can choose the speed gear by the remote control, such as high speed, medium speed and low speed. These gears are aimed at different groups of people. For example, for people who often play karts, give him a higher speed gear; for general kart users, just give him a medium speed gear; for those beginners, give him a low gear. Regarding the low gear, one thing should be mentioned, it’s when calling back the car, the low gear might be used, to let them drive back slowly, and this is for security reasons.

Adjustable Configuration

As for the adjustable configuration, compared with the other electric karts, Cammus karts have more abundant configuration.

Since everyone has a different height and size, Cammus kart pedals are designed to be adjusted, which allows people to step on this accelerator pedal and brake pedal naturally.

The height of the steering wheel is also adjustable, which can provide a comfortable driving posture for the driver.

For other electric go karts, the pedals are usually not adjustable, and the seat is basically fixed, it can’t be adjusted. There are only two adjustable holes for the steering wheel of other karts, and the driver can’t adjust it. These are their defects.

But for Cammus kart, the driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals. This will give the driver a comfortable driving environment.

CAMMUS Electric Go Kart Material

Speaking of the kart material, Cammus uses alloy steel as the material.

This steel has the advantages of high strength and high toughness, as the kart belongs to a recreational kart, there are always some collisions, Which requires the kart material to have good toughness.

Therefore, the performance of this steel is to meet the needs of the kart collision.

Safety Performance of CAMMUS Karts

In order to ensure safety, Cammus added some protection for collision avoidance. Even if a collision occurs, the driver will not be injured.

Cammus provides the helmet, a four-point seat belt and a brake priority, which are active security systems. For passive safety systems, there are a crash barrier and a foot guardrail. These are all designed to protect the driver from being injured when they collide.

The brake priority means when the throttle and brake are stepped on at the same time, the brake override, the throttle is not reactive.

Three-point seat belts have certain hidden dangers after a collision, that is, it will pinch and can’t protect the two shoulders. The four-point have a balanced protection to the driver.

CAMMUS Electric Go Kart VS Imported Electric Go Kart

Cammus karts are all for independent research and development production. From the drawing design to the production, to the assembly.

When they first started developing this kart, they have compared with the performance of some imported cars, and went to test drive, understand their structure. Then based on their strengths, integrated into their own technology.

So compared to the imported karts, Cammus karts have a lot of advantages whether on price or maintenance, and the quality is not much different from that of imported cars.

Importing a go-kart from abroad, the cost is more than 100,000, while the domestic cost maybe just tens of thousands.

So for some recreational kart venues, their operating costs can be greatly reduced

Besides, Cammus go-karts add an overall control compared to other karts, many electric karts on the market, only have an output control and speed control. So the power of Cammus kart is programmable. When the player is on the track, this kind of control will give the driver a new driving pleasure compared with other karts without ECU control, and the accelerated smoothness and response speed are relatively fast.

The later maintenance cost is not high, just some wearing parts, such as tires, sanding sheets, etc.

The Current Market Situation of Electric Go Kart

In the domestic market, the electric kart is still in an unsaturated state.

Because most of the karts are fuel karts, electric go karts are still a start-up project. The electric karts have a very large room for development.

And the electric karts site has a big advantage over traditional fuel karts, it can be operated in the mall, downtown, but the fuel kart can’t.

Cammus has great expectations for its electric kart. As their electric kart has some distinct advantages compared with some imported cars.

Along with the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of consumption viewpoints, people have a lot of interest in entertainment, so more and more people will slowly accept kart, a growing number of people will come to play this project.