About The Bangkok International Auto Salon

Bangkok International Auto Salon is the biggest “MODIFIED AUTOMOTIVE SHOW AND SALE event” in ASEAN, which is licensed from 30 years long “Tokyo Auto Salon”, Japan. The China-based aftermarket auto tuning products manufacturer – CAMMUS, is in Thailand for the Bangkok International Auto Salon on July 3-7, 2019.9.20.

Product Details Presented in Thailand Exhibition

At the Bangkok International Auto Salon, CAMMUS showed off their latest hot products including the CAMMUS i-Round lcd gauge, 60mm multi-color racing gauge, bluetooth app controller, gesture recognition controller, 2S and 3S throttle controller, electric go-kart. Which one do you like best?

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i-Round LCD Gauge:  the first round LCD racing gauge in the world, one gauge reads 13 driving parameters including RPM, water temperature, turbo, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, battery voltage, G value, TPS, speed, intake pressure. Support OBD/Sensor, support multiple gauges linkage, all-aluminum body, metal texture, ultra-thin LCD, 4 different dial plate interface styles available, support folding and inverted, acceleration test function and monitoring alarm function, several different colors for you to choose, remote control setup. More details about the CAMMUS round lcd meter here.

60mm Multi-color Racing Gauge: provide 3 kinds of racing gauges: single-function, dual-function and multi-function racing gauge, touch to change color, support multiple gauges linkage, high sensitivity, warning alarm, make your vehicle feel like a race-car.

Bluetooth App Controller: Bluetooth app vehicle smart driving controller, control your car with your smartphone. Intelligent OLED light, Econ mode, Normal mode, Sport mode, Sport+ mode, Race mode, Anti-slip mode, Valet mode, Drag mode, Lock mode, Beginner mode……

Gesture Controller:  Gesture recognition to switch modes. 5 modes: normal mode, sport mode, race mode, i-Auto mode, econ mode. Ultra-thin 6mm display screen, easy plug n play installation.

Electric Go-kart: pure electric, non-pollution, zero-emission, roll cage four-point seat belt to ensure safety, new generation differential, dual disc brakes, three electric technology, sharp handling performance, adjustable steering wheel and pedal according to height……

Exhibition photos

Below are some of the photo galleries at the exhibition: