3 Kinds of Aftermarket Racing Gauge

Best useful decoration in your car, we have any and every aftermarket automotive racing gauge you can imagine.


Single-function Gauge

Touch to change color, high sensitivity, support OBD/sensor reading…

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A tital of 11 parameter choices, such as Water temperature, voltage, oil temperature, oil pressure, G value, Turbo pressure, TPS, Intake temperature, Exhaust temperature, Air-fire ratio, RPM. Connecting by OBD/Sensor, multiple gauges can be connected in series to display different data simultaneously, fully control your car, it is recommended to connect no more than 5 in series.

The gauge is equipped with alarm setting function, you can set the Min/Max value, and beep alarm when it exceed the preset value; high sensitivity sensor which can capture subtle changes and get the sensitive reading; 7 kinds of aluminum ring color available, you can choose as your preference. What’s cool about the gauge is that you can change the color by touching the aluminum ring, there are a total of 17 colors switching.

Dual-function Gauge

One gauge with two driving parameters ,  a total of 39 kinds of combinations…

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There are a total of 39 dual-function gauges to choose, one dual-function gauge can acquire two kinds of driving parameters through OBD/sensor,and displayed by dial pointer and LED light, making the monitoring data clearer, and the dual-function gauge can also be connected in series.

Same as the single gauge, the dual-function gauge has the features as touch to change color, high accuracy, monitoring alarm function, 7 kinds of aluminum ring color available, and blue and red colors for option


Multi-function Gauge

Read 5 parameters on one gauge through OBD port and clear fault code…

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Cammus Multi-Function Gauge can read 5 kinds of Engine driving parameters through the vehicle OBD plug, including Turbo Pressure, Intake Air Temperature, Water Temperature, Voltage, Acceleration G value (it can not be connected in series), you can switch parameter display by touching aluminum ring.

Multi-function gauge has 360°touch switching function, monitoring alarm function, 0-100m acceleration test and clear fault code function.

Product Introduction

Why Do You Need To Install Racing Gauge In Your Car?

Want to make your vehicle feel like a race-car? You don’t have to drive at high speeds to make that happen. A little renovation to your car’s interior can make the entire vehicle feel sleeker, sportier, and more fun. A good place to begin is with mounting performance gauges.

Gauges, which are often called racing gauge—can be mounted on the dashboard, the A-pillar, or the console. They’re great for customizing the interior of the vehicle, but that’s not the only reason to have them installed.

Have you ever wanted to see what’s really going on in your engine? Sure, you probably have a line showing some vague notion of temperature, but there’s a lot of information you aren’t getting.

The gauge can lend functionality by always keeping your vehicle’s vital signs within eyeshot. By adding a few aftermarket gauges, you can get precise info on the condition of the engine, which is great for preventative maintenance. Having the capability of monitoring what’s going on inside a hot rod or race car is pretty important.

But which racing gauges are best for your car? To a large extent, that boils down to your own personal style. There are many aftermarket gauges to choose from, each gauge monitors different aspects of the car’s performance.

The gauges you should have in your car depending on what kind of driving conditions you intend to be in, what type of modifications you have done to the vehicle and what kind of sensors may already have been installed. So the best thing you can do is to look at several models before you make your final decision.

Why Choose Us

Cammus 60mm/52mm racing gauge has the following unique and useful features.

3 Kinds of Aftermarket Gauges

There are single-function gauge(11 single gauges), dual-function gauges(39 dual gauges) and multi-function aftermarket gauges for option.

OBD/Sensor Reading

Support OBD and sensor reading, OBD and sensor gauge can be connected in series.

High Accuracy

High precision sensor to maintain accuracy throughout the full range

Aluminum Ring Color

7 kinds of aluminum ring color, choose by personal preference.

Multiple Gauges Linkage

Several Gauges connected in series can display different data simultaneously, fully control your car, it is recommended to connect no more than 5 in series

Touch to change Color

You can switch light color by touching the ring(a total of 17 colors available)

Warning Alarm

You can set up the min. and max. Value and beep alarm when it exceeds the preset value 

Optional Size

60mm/52mm size for you to choose

Product Feature

60mm/52mm Gauge Features Display

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Product Detail

60mm/52mm Gauge Detail Display